Straight and upright only a single price, no joking, buy a single or multiple PKNIC prepaid cards, our price will remain same and cheap than the whole industry show casing in this genre. We are the pioneers who are trading in this service and top reseller recognized by PKNIC registry.

It is a simple and worry free process to obtain and use a card. Simply submit an order, on configuration page, add the number of codes you are in need of, checkout and select whatever the payment method convenient to you to pay. Once after placing order, you will be notified in your inbox too, you will then pay. Then you will inform us about the payment and order via call, email or submit a support ticket. We will issue you prepaid codes instantly or on top priority.

PKNIC Prepaid Cards

Later you may utilize your card codes to renew your current domains with PKNIC or can add domain credits into your PK registry account to use it for registering your desired names. This facility is only offered by PKNIC but not any other registrar to top up your PKNIC account which authorize you to register yours as well as your clients PK domains with the involvement of any third part provider. It is reliable to buy and get it scratched for your all PKNIC Domain needs though it cannot be surfed for registering or renewing Pakistani web names with contacts other than Pakistan. PKNIC Cards are not refundable, one sold, and no claim will be entertained so get maximum info before purchasing.

Buy PKNIC Prepaid Cards PKR 2150 / 1Card

Let you enjoy with lowest charges now for next few days, after this you will find a huge rise by PKNIC so act fast, spend minimum and get more. Now there are no more different prices on different number of PKNIC card Orders, Flat rate for a limited time, buy the cheapest PK domain balance in your PKNIC panel whether you want to add the PK domain balance for registering your new PK domain names or to renew an old PKNIC based Domain.
Each card can be utilized for registering and renewing any PKNIC offered domain name for 2 years.

Cheap PKNIC Prepaid Card

PK-Domain is one of the top reseller of PKNIC, which deal in PKNIC Prepaid Cards. These cards are basically a special type of code or PIN Code which is used to register or renew all type of PK domains. These cards are very useful to register or renew your .PK, .COM.PK, .NET.PK, .ORG.PK, .FAM.PK, .BIZ.PK, .WEB.PK, .EDU.PK, .GOV.PK, .GOB.PK, .GOG.PK, .GKP.PK, .GOP.PK, .GOS.PK and .GOK.PK domain name. PK-Domain is providing the very cheap rated and very low priced PKNIC Prepaid Cards. You can get PKNIC Cards from us in any quantity. Our prices are more negotiable for PKNIC Prepaid Card bulk orders. You can also renew or register your PK domain name by using PKNIC Card from below.

PKNIC Cards Model: PK Domain Registration / Renewal Product ID: PKNIC-1 5 based on 128 reviews PKR.2150.00 New

PKNIC Cards Price

As mentioned before that Our Prices will be different for PKNIC Prepaid Card in bulk orders but we have lower down that confusion and now selling simple, straight and fixed price which is lowest in the market. We are providing the PKNIC Card in only 2,135 PKR and you can compare our Low and cheap prices of PKNIC Card from any other company or PKNIC reseller in Pakistan. Only PKNIC reseller have authority to sale. These cards are same like as your recharging card for mobile. It has numbers in about ten to twelve digits long, which hide behind a scratch able cotton. By using them, you can add amount or credit in your domain Account balance and by using this balance; you can register or renew your PK domain name easily.

how to renew a domain registered out of your PKNIC account?

A PKNIC Card is consist of a 10 digits card number along with a 6 digits PIN code. You cannot renew your any .pk domain name if you lost any single of your PKNIC Card number or PKNIC Pin Code. Before use any PKNIC Card you can check it easily by enter your PKNIC card on test prepaid card field and to renew a .pk domain extension you just need to enter Your domain name, your pknic prepaid card number and its PIN code on given fileds below:

Renew Your .PK domain using PKNIC Cards


Domain Name :
PrePaid Card: Ten to Twelve digit prepaid card code
PIN for this card :
PIN No. obtained with the card
Click here to Test Card Code  


Prepaid Cards by PKNIC Registry Provider

Holding the rights of all PK and sub domains of .pk registration PKNIC registry provider have a little amount of authorized resellers of different categories with different discount levels. So as per registered number of domains per year, a reseller is being analyzed on yearly based by PKNIC registry to setup lowering and gaining discount levels. We are the top most categorized reseller of PKNIC and early member of SRS and it is the reason we can offer lowest price on prepaid card buying. Bulk you will order, Bulk would be the discount. As of now due to google like towards local extensions, found a huge popularity in registering .PK names so it create a huge business for buying and securing top class domain names in most two common extensions like .pk and However, there are still many available to book but I am afraid that those would be bought by brokers in near future to sale them on big prices as PKNIC itself has started bidding. What we will suggest you not to look here and there anymore and book your desired PK domain because now due to increase in USD price against PKR. All PKNIC extensions have even become very low prices than a common domain like .com, .net or .org etc. Biggest benefit, which is associated with this prepaid card, is that you can credit its balance in your own account for any time use.

Common Question and Answers for PK Domain Cards

Unlike other country level registries, PK is the only ccTlds provider who allowed its reseller to communicate directly to all customers who need any relevant extension. Ahead of all any reseller can generate specific codes, which can later use for any purpose registry doing business for. Here we will discuss what asked by most clients as query or what they want to know.

What is the purpose of these cards?

A single one can be used to book or enhance the period of any PK extension like,,, domains etc for 2 years.

Who can use them?

Anyone who want to buy any PKNIC extension for registering or renewing.

Do i need PK registry domain control?

In some cases, especially when you want to register and want administration control under your authority otherwise for renewal no need of control panel.

Who Can avail maximum benefits?

Hosting Providers, Web Designing and Development Houses, Software providers, Developers, Freelancer or all who want to resell.

Where to buy?

Place your order here, we are top PK reseller and authorized agent for selling. If you are unsure how to process it or you want us to manage things for you then Register .PK Domain with us.

Do you offer any bulk rates?

Not currently but we did. Now only flat and lowest cost. Even bulk price for single domain balance.

What is your Price for PK Domain?

You can buy them in small cost, just for PKR.2149 for 2 years.

What Payment methods you accept?

You can pay us via Pakistani Banks, Easypaisa, UblOmni, Mobicash, JazzCash, Upaisa, any mobile payment means and PayPal.