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  • Monday, 14th June, 2021
  • 02:31am

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Being top provider of PKNIC domains, after a long period of time and a little covid relief, we decided to put top Pakistani domain names on promotions. This is our belief that .PK extensions should grow and so far we have contributed a lot, as a result, we are the registry's trophy winner due to our best support and large number of sales. We always welcome your trust and the purpose of current sale is to thank you all.
This promotion is for not a calculated time but will remain active at least for a week, any client can register whatever the numbers of pk domains they want to get into their account without any specific restrictions on numbers. Please keep in mind all new and recurring clients can get the benefits from this offer but recurring price after 2 years of registration will remain as it is the current price.
Add a PK Domain into your cart to get it registered for a prosperous business especially for Pakistani Community.

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PK Domain Sale 2021

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