TOS - Refund - Delivery

To make things clearer we have distributed various terms, refund policies and deliveries into different categories as per available services. you should read carefully before ordering and buying any services to avoid any future inconveniences.

WEB Hosting:

Terms and Conditions
  1. PK-Domain have all rights to suspend any client's hosing services if he/she violate our terms and conditions.
  2. You have to Pay Additional charges (PKR.600 or USD.6) to transfer your hosting from one server to another (For Example:- from Linux server to Windows server).
  3. We do not guarantee hosting account backups and we will remove any backups of more than 10GB space, generated within hosting panel so you are advised to manage your backups after different intervals on your local systems.
  4. To protect your website from suspension, we advise you to renew your hosting and domain name minimum one week before its expiry date or maximum before expiry which may keep your website active as well as you will not pay extra fees, imposed after expiry on renewal.
  5. You cannot claim your data after expiry but upon renewal till after 10 days of expiry. After that period if we will hold your data and you want backups then there would be charges to have such data.
  6. If you want to upgrade your hosting plan, there would be a one time setup cost of PKR.600 or USD.6
  7. Most of the times, upon any violations or abuse complaints, we send emails notifications to sort things out and get back to us within 12 hours but in certain cases of high abused nature, we may suspend any account without any notification (Such account may never be un-suspended).
  8. If in case of any abuse or violation of terms, we will not get any update and fix from your side, account will be permanently suspended and terminated from server.
  9. These are machines and technology on which your websites, pages, email and data bases are hosted so there are always chances of hardware malfunction though we installed everything branded and top quality so to avoid any data loss or down time, you must keep full directory backups on your local systems. In any scene like hardware failure or data loss, we can create a fresh hosting account for you where you can restore your locally backup files.
  10. Our server for shared hosting are configured and equipped with all necessary extensions, versions and security measures on which about 99% programs can run smoothly so there is no way to install any specific software or extensions for a specific user. In such cases, you are advised to buy a VPS or dedicated server on which you are free to install whatever you want.
  11. In windows based hosting, MSSQL default size in each plan is 100MB, if your size get increased from default size, you will have to pay additionally PKR.500 or USD5 for each 100MB extra MSSQL space.
  12. As our machines for shared hosting, vps and dedicated servers are hosted in several data centers worldwide, so any universal terms and conditions enforced by these data centers will also be enforced on individual user.
  13. If you want to move your hosting account to other provider or from one of our servers to another server, you should be very cautious about your data because when our system will check that name servers for a specific domain are different than of our server then whole data/account will be deleted so you should backup your data on local system before changing hosting provider or server. You can ask for a fresh hosting if you will plan to come back to our servers and your expiry data has not yet arrived.


    In all shared hosting plans below resources are allowed to be consumed by any account

  1. CPU: 4-6%
  2. MEMORY: 4-6%
  3. In few cases, we may alert you if you violate these limits but in cases where the resources are being consumed continuously and in huge, account will be suspended permanently and for such violation of TOS, there will be no refunds.


  1. Nulled scripts
  2. Spamming
  3. Phishing and Scanning
  4. Backups on Server
  5. Copyright material
  6. Third party content
  7. Contents for promoting any religion and sect
  8. Hacked & Pirated software
  9. illegal Material
  10. Adult Material
  11. Any Abused Activity


We are offering 5 days money back guarantee with our hosting packages, it does not mean that after using our services you claim for your money, you need to provide a solid and convenient reason to get your money back. There are no refunds for your Renewal and Transfer hosting services. There is never a refund for accounts at any stage which will become the cause of abuse or will violate the terms.


Usually it did not take us much time in verifying a confirmed payment and normally, with in an hour after order, an order get processed but maximum time to send you hosting details after confirmation of payment could be 24 hours.


Terms and Conditions
  1. Your Provided domain name with whatever extension you want must be available at the time of manual registration, there are different durations for which a domain name can buy like a .com can be registered at least for 1 year and any extension belong to PKNIC registry requires minimum 2 years for registration though maximum time to keep a domain name is for 10 years mostly.
  2. You can not claim us for your Misspelled (Provided by Client) domain because its your fault and if someone register that same domain name before us then we cannot do anything. So it is always advisable to double check your domain name before placing order.
  3. We are not providing domain panel with domain names but you can get your domain activate for transfer to any other registrar at any time or you may ask us to make any changes against your domain which would be done instantly, in case of PK domain transfer, you may contact PKNIC and ask them how to transfer your domain to any other registrar or to your own PKNIC account.
  4. To register some Government domains like .Gov.PK, .Gob.PK, .Gos.PK, Gok.PK, Gop.PK, one must have to order in accordance, exactly what extension one can order like all federal departments can obtain domains with extensions but provincial departments can only registered domain with their relevant provincial extension. Criteria to register any Governmental domain whether it is for province or for federation is same. You are to provide a written request from head/director of the department on the letter head of department as per our given format and Copy of the N.I.C of the head/director of the department.
  5. For .Edu.PK domain name your College, University, School or institute should be register or affiliated by your relevant board and relevant Government.
  6. If you are not our direct client or buy a PK domain name from our resellers, then you have to contact them to renew your domain name if they can't do anything then we will find some solution for you.
  7. We will provide your domain name authorization code or unlock your domain name, if you will provide us the solid reason to transfer your domain name from us.
  8. There would be a documentation processing fee as PKR.500 or US$6 for any Government related domains like and also for institutional domain names.
  9. While registering most of ccTlds like, .fr and other, registry demands to provide correct relevant country ownership details, we asked you for that and will put your given ownership details. Later in case, registry will ask for documentation or disable your domain due to wrong issued contact details, then you must have to provide asked documents to get your domain re-activated or otherwise, your domain will not be enabled.
  10. For updating/unlocking Registrant info or for domain transfer process, there is also documentation processing fee PKR.500 or US$6 for any PK domain name.
  11. There are number of country level registries which have different registration, renewal, transfer, expiration and redemption criteria so you can ask for additional information about such processes before placing your order but here one mentionable thing is that you should consider renewing your domains at least a month before expiry to avoid service down time and extra renewal charges.
  12. Failure to renew your web names in time will cost you extra renewal charges after expiry, it could be different according to the extension.


Once your provided domain name gets resisted then there will not be any refund as registries does not allow any deletion or editing of any domain. Moreover there is no refunds upon renewal, transfer orders or other disputes like wrong whois ownership details.


A domain will be registered with in 1-24 hours after confirmation of payment.


Terms and Conditions
  1. In case of non availability of any plan, we will provide you upgraded elements or issue you a full refund.
  2. You can ask for remote reboots and re-installation at any time via ticket or through registered email id.
  3. You cannot change OS from Linux to Windows or Windows to Linux, for such changes you may have to place a separate order.
  4. As all the dedicated servers and VPS are un-managed, so you are to manage them yourself, if you wish us to assist you regarding configuration or to resolve any issue, their would be extra charges depend upon the nature of work.
  5. In case of abuse, relevant data centre as well as we have full rights to suspend your machine or terminate it permanently and there would not be any refund so it is your responsibility to make only allowed and legal use of your allocated resources.
  6. For any bandwidth over usage, you will have to pay extra charges in next month billing.
  7. As we do not guarantee any backups of your data so in case of disaster / hardware failure or data loss, we can provide you a fresh machine without configuration and data.
  8. We issue recurring renewal invoices 14 days before expiry so you are requested to pay them without waiting for the date of expiry. we have all rights to terminate a machine upon reaching its expiry date.
  9. Charges for Windows, cPanel. Plesk licenses or for any addon are not included in the plan but will be charges separately.


We recommend you to discuss each aspects and get carification for any query you have in your mind before placing your order because once after server provisioning, there would not be any claimable refund though we make sure to provide you what we commit and listed in our plans.


VPS from Pakistan base location can take 24 hours to 4 hours for provisioning after verification of payment whereas credentials against virtual machines from any other location will be delivered with in 2-12 hours. Dedicated server installation and provisioning time is at least 3 days.

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