Our Terms And Conditions

Before go further you have to know one thing that PK-Domain have all rights reserved to change its Term and Conditions at any time so you always need to aware our Terms and Condition before proceed any order or buy a domain.


  1. We are offering 30 days money back guarantee with our hosting packages, its not mean that after using our services you claim for your money, You need to provide a solid and convenient reason to get your money back.
  2. We can not refund your money for your Renewal and Transfer domain.
  3. Once your provided domain name register then we will never refund your money.
  4. PK-Domain have all rights to suspend any clients domain name or hosing services if he/she violate our terms and conditions.
  5. You have to Pay Additional charges (PKR. 300) to transfer your hosting from one server to another (For Example:- from Linux server to Windows server).
  6. We provide one week backups for your hosting but we advice, you should also need to save your website data yourself by taking time to time backups.
  7. After confirmation of your payments you can get your hosting and domain registration details within 24 hours.
  8. To protect your website from suspension, we advice you to renew your hosting and domain name minimum one week before its expiry date or maximum before expiry which may keep your website active as well as you will not pay extra fees, imposed after expiry on renewal.
  9. Its not our responsibility to save your backups after expiry of your packages, so you need to follow line number 08.
  10. We will provide you the domain authorization code after checking your full transaction history and remaining.
  11. We just provide Unlimited disc space for Host Everything, so if you are using our Web Hosting Gate or Professional's Pick packages then you have to move to our Host Everything package to get unlimited Disc Space.
  12. We will never refund your money which you paid for Upgration and renewal of your packages.


  1. Your Provided domain name against PK domain extension should be available for registration. And you can register your domain name for 2n years a time. You can not register any PK domain for one year.
  2. You can not claim us for your Misspelled (Provided by Client) domain because its your fault and if someone register that same domain name before us then we cannot do anything.
  3. We are not providing domain panel with domain names but you can get your domain activate for transfer to any other registrar at any time or you may ask us to make any changes against your domain which would be done instantly, in case of PK domain transfer, you may contact PKNIC and ask them how to transfer your domain to any other registrar or to your own PKNIC account.
  4. To register some Government domains like .Gov.PK, .Gob.PK, .Gos.PK, Gok.PK, Gop.PK, .Gog.pk you have to provide complete registration detail of your Department along with Company Stamped Letter Head, copy of owner's CNIC and company's registered documents.
  5. For .Edu.PK domain name your College, University, School or institute should be register or affiliated by your relevant board and relevant Government.
  6. If you are not our direct client or buy a PK domain name from our resellers, then you have to contact them for renew your domain name if they can't do anything then we will find some solution for you.
  7. We will provide your domain name authorization code or unlock your domain name, if you will provide us the solid reason to transfer your domain name from us.
  8. Once a domain has been registered by us then we cannot delete that domain name or we will not refund your money against that domain name.
  9. There would be a documentation processing fee as PKR.500 or US$6 for any Government related domains like .gov.pk and also for institutional domain names.
  10. For updating/unlocking Registrant info or for domain transfer process, there is also documentation processing fee PKR.500 or US$6 for any PK domain name.


  1. Nulled scripts
  2. Spamming
  3. Save your Backups separately on your computers, not save on your server
  4. Copyright material
  5. Third party content
  6. Contents for promoting any religion and sect
  7. Hacked & Pirated software
  8. illegal Material
  9. Hacked & Pirated software
  10. Adult Material

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