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.PK Domain

.PK is the top level country code domain (ccTLD) reserved for Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This country code is specifically reserved for citizens of Pakistan. This is commonly used name in Pakistan and can be purchased for any kind of web appearance in Pakistan. Domain Name in PK can basically registered or renewed for minimum 2 years. One cannot register or renew it for less than two years however maximum registration limit depends upon user but maximum limit by registry is for 10 years.

All residents of Pakistan that have Pakistani CNIC card are eligible to register this extension, even it is available for international users without any limitation but its price is greater for them than of those who has Pakistani Addresses. This Pakistani top name can be registered for any Individual, Commercial, Business, Education, Informative, and all type of websites. If you have plan to target Pakistani internet audience for blogging or business purposes, this suffix must be the best choice to represent your website with your Country reference. To get register cheap domain .pk is little tricky job because there are countless providers in Pakistan who sale it in very different prices. We are registering this PKNIC TLD for our clients in lowest cost instantly. Individual can register any PKNIC name from us except .EDU.pk or any Government domain names as these domains have some restrictions and require proper documentation.

PK-Domain is top .PKNIC reseller, we have been serving our clients since 2007, solving the problem of all those Pakistani's who are worried about the high prices of name .pk. You can contact us from any city of Pakistan to get lowest price for name .PK domain. We are selling this extension in very minimal price for just Rs.2,200 for two years. Some companies take double or triple prices to renew it in Pakistan but We are the only rate stable campaigner in this field who can renew it in same price as you did pay at the time of registering it. Our Registration prices for .PK domain names are already very cheap so there is no negotiation in prices, but there is another way to get discount if you order us in bulk for more than 10 then you may enjoy even bottom level prices.

Step by Step guide for .pk domain registration

  1. PK - top level country code domain, reserved for Pakistan.
  2. Any Pakistani or Foreigner, Individual and organizations can book this extensions though .pk registration price for international clients is in USD and costly than for Contacts with Pakistan origin.
  3. Pakistani resident that has CNIC can register.
  4. Pakistnai resident from out side of Pakistan can also register.
  5. Companies and organizations institutes situated in Pakistan.
  6. You can not register a name .pk for illegal process or work.
  7. Can be registered by Individual, Commercial, Business, educational or information purpose in Pakistan.

Name .pk Requirements

  1. Full Name
  2. Company Name
  1. Postal Code
  2. City
  1. Postal Address
  2. Email Address
  1. Contact No
  2. Country

Restrictions On DOT PK?

  1. Min. Character: 04
  1. Max. Character: 63
  1. Numeric Character: Yes (Allowed)
  1. Hyphen Character: Yes (Allowed)

Domain .pk Price

  1. Transfer Fee: Free
  1. Registration Charges: PKR 3149/2yrs
  1. Renewal Charges PKR 3999/2yrs
  1. Redemption Charges: PKR 1000

.pk Extension Period

  1. Registration period: 2 Years
  1. Registration/Renewal Increment: 2-10 Years
  1. Renewal period: 2 Years
  1. Redemption Period: 7th-20th Day after Expiry

Registry Information

  1. Country: Pakistan
  1. IDN support: YES
  1. Additional Charges: NO
  1. Restrictions: NO

Facts And Figures

  1. Launched: 1992
  1. Registry/Sponsor: PKNIC
  1. Status: Active
  1. Policies: PKNIC Restrictions


History repeated itself, people were so curious to have .com extensions but time has come when there is more worth of a country-based cctld especially when one has to target a specific region or people of a particular country. Along with keyword in domain name, google also check the extensions attached with it to rank it in special part of world. In such circumstances, as we are top domain hosting representative based in Pakistan so we decided to propose .pk Domain registration for Pakistanis and those who wants to target the population of about 200 Million. Purpose is not to launch this suffix but also to make it possible to present it in cheapest rates possible. Today we have achieved this goal, as its selling price fixed by us is even lesser than .com .net or .org names. While comparing it with most common tld, its cost is low but we made it even in cost price, which is lowest overall on internet.

How to Renew Name in .PK?

Like .COM domain we cannot renew a name in PK extension for less than two years as per PKNIC registry Policy, You can choose any even number for .pk domain name registration or renewal process upto 10Yrs. PKNIC allows you to renew your .pk domain name within 15 days after its expiration to secure it to go for probation period because once it will go into probation period then you will not be able to renew it before completion of this period or there are chances that PKNIC will hold it and put it on Auction. You can renew a this name yourself by purchasing a PKNIC Prepaid card from any reseller of PKNIC or you can also renew your .PK Domain name from any PKNIC reseller. Being a PKNIC reseller we are offering cheap domain.pk renew services in Pakistan. So you can renew it from us in very low and reasonable prices from minimum 2 years.

Domain .PK Transfer Process

Transfer name PK from one account to another account

Dot PK is the top level country code domain for Pakistan and PKNIC is the main registrar or Sponsor. All the rights are reserved for PKNIC to handle all the activities of the .PK domain name like registration, renewal or transfer. People transfer domain .PK name from one service provider to another service provider due to increasing of renewal charges or due to uncomfortable support. To transfer a .PK from one service provider to another, you have to provide an authority letter to PKNIC, which comply on your current domain holder's company letter head with company stemp or seal. In addition, you have to provide one copy of your CNIC of company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Don't forget to mention your domain and the registrant PKNIC ID number to whom you want to transfer. We allow you to transfer your .PK in our account to get the better technical support. You can download the Sample Authorization Transfer letter from below:

Download Attached Authorization Letter

Name .PK Owner MisMatch Correction

In some cases when you wish to transfer your .PK form one company to another then you have to face problem of mismatch owner name. In this case the company owner name does not match with official used emblem or company letter head. So before transfer it you have to improve your registrant information. For this purpose you have to write an Affidavit letter to PKNIC which should be comply on legal paper (stamp paper worth 100 PKR). This affidavit letter should be attested by oath commissioner. In this affidavit letter you have to request PKNIC to unlock your registrant record, for correction by providing your original bio data like CNIC Number, Company name, Owner Name mismatch explanation and your domain name to PKNIC. In affidavit letter you also have to provide the PKNIC Account ID of that registrant to whom you want to transfer your domain. You can download the sample affidavit owner mismatch letter from below

Download Attached Authorization Letter

.PK Individual Owner Transfer

You can also transfer your PK Domain from one service provider to another service personally, if you are the Individual owner of your name .PK or have PKNIC account ID. For this purpose simply write and Affidavit letter to PKNIC in which you have to provide your Full name, your .PK Name, Your CNIC Number and Your residential address. You have to explain in affidavit letter that you are the single owner. You have to mention the PKNIC Account ID of that registrant to whom you want to transfer your it. You have to comply this letter on legal paper (Stamp paper worth 100 PKR) and should be attested by the oath commissioner. You can download the Individual owner affidavit letter sample from below:

Download Attached Authorization Letter

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