Wordpress Hosting in Pakistan

Wordpress Hosting Pakistan

If you are looking for a secure wordpress hosting in Pakistan, PK-Domain is available to serve you in the most convient manners. List your local business online to quickly connect with customers in Pakistan. WordPress is the most rapidly used website builder and content management system (CMS) in Pakistan; also, this is covering personal bloggers sites to small businesses and even globally located corporations. We designed a Wordpress hosting environment that is especially for WordPress websites. If you are looking for a secure WordPress hosting in Pakistan, PK-Domain is available to serve you most conveniently. Our hosting will meet all security needs with SSL support and it will optimize your site. We guarantee our all hosting resources like RAM, Bandwidth, CPU, and disk space. We are dealing in two types of WordPress hosting types, which include shared limited Wordpress Hosting that is for small size businesses and Managed Unlimited Wordpress hosting that is designed for large size corporations. Both of our platforms are fully secured and can be managed through easy control panels. Everyone can easily install WordPress only with one click. We'll always automatically update you to the most stable version of WordPress, never worrying about old or vulnerable software. Upon creation of your WordPress hosting plan, Pk-Domain automatically installs the latest and most secure version of WordPress. Get fast, easy and secure WordPress hosting now.

Cheap WP Hosting Price

We have several cost-effective and trustworthy plans, including cheap and new WordPress hosting in Pakistan. This is why we have adopted appropriate and useful criteria for Wordpress Hosting, which address all financial needs and requirements. You can improve your business performance even more by ensures of a manageable package. Our range falls in line with the latest hosting technologies and competitive rates. We have many affordably reliable choices that meet Pakistan 's requirements, including new WordPress features. We are here with multiple wp plans, select one as per your needs.

Plan SSL Disk Traffic Emails MySQL Sub-Domain FTP Price/1Yr
WP 1 Free 1GB 25GB 10 01 05 02 PKR.2699 ORDER
WP 2 Free 10GB 100GB 100 04 50 02 PKR.3999 ORDER
WP 3 Free 300GB Unlimited Unlimited 05 Unlimited 02 PKR.6199 ORDER
    What is wordpress?
  • WordPress is a free open source framework that uses a MySQL database, is compiled into PHP. Many companies have created their own free website and blogs using this software. WordPress is simply software that can run on any Linux hosting server that supports PHP / MySQL.

  • Can i get other script installed?
  • Yes, you can get other open source php based scripts installed as well. You must have to instruct us while ordering as what script you need to have on your web, Keep in that default installation will be for one time. In future or after first installation there might be some charges to perform the same job again.
    Is it secure?
  • As far as the security of a wordpress website is concerned, it is the most optimized, managed and popular open source script and the community keep in updating core structure and including patches to make it more safe. However, one must have to take care of available updates for wp, themes and plugins to keep it hack proof along with difficult admin password.

  • Why i Should buy wordpress Hosting?
  • Wordpress hosting provides you the WordPress related features like installation, SSL support, Firewall, and many other features that are meaningful to manage your blog and website. WordPress is used worldwide by 1 of 3 websites, making it a significant margin for the most popular website content management system.

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Best WP Host

With an experience of about 11 years in domain and hosting field, server management, control panel understanding and virtualization, we have best performed and well-tuned wp installation and running exposure. Along with our expertise, we have made it compulsory to host all clients on less loaded servers. In addition, the control panels are fully featured and able to handle the necessities of most. We don’t share our hosted infrastructure under old dedicated machines or VPS hosting Pakistan but all the hardware is brand new with high amount of resources.

Ddos Protected

We build network infrastructure and resources to prevent attacks from Ddos and other risks. We defend you from DDoS attacks 24 hours a day. Our servers are installed solely in the growing tier of Equinix Data Centers with the highest standards of protection and protocol enforcement.

100% Uptime

Hardware and networks with a 100% Uptime SLA safety, management and security are completely up to us. You won't miss your hosting time or records. Our server networks links are 24/7 uptime guaranteed. Utilize available modules to boost your site loading speed on internet.

Top-Tier Performance

Newest innovations like PHP7, SSD, CDN & more will easily carry your WordPress. With personalized protection rules and zero-day vulnerability corrections, we keep your website secure and in google safe browsing list. Just make sure to keep it upgraded all the time to avoid being compromised.