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Renewal Process for .PK domain

All pk domain names are come under Sponsor and registry of PKNIC, that's why all rights are reserved for PKNIC and their pointed reselles to Register or renew any .pk domain extension as well as generate a PKNIC card for registration and renewal of any .pk extension. Anyone who holds any .pk domain extension for his/her website can renew their domain name himself/herself by following two simple renewal processes:

  1. PKNIC Card renewal process, via this process you can renew your domain name personally after entering Your domain name, Your PKNIC card Number and PKNIC card PIN code on relevant fields to renew your pk domains. Before use your PKNIC Card don't forget to test its usability or history.
  2. If you register your pk domain name from a .pk domain registrar then you can ask him to renew your domain name before its expiration.
  3. You can also ask a PKNIC reseller to renew your pk domain name for you. Its simple and most easiest way to renew your PK domain name because you just need to pay a PKNIC reseller and he/she will renew your domain as soon as after confirmation of your payments.
PK-Domain is also one of those top 20 resellers ok PKNIC in Pakistan who have all rights reserved to generate a PKNIC prepared card for any pk domain name renewal and registration process. We are offering cheapest Pk domains renewal services in cities of Pakistan you can get our service from Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar etc. We can also generate an E-PKNIC card for you and provide your PKNIC Card to you for domain renewal or domain registration via email or SMS after confirmation of your payment.

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Transfer Process for .PK domain

pk domain transfer process

Transfer .pk Domain from one panel to another panel

Mostly people transfer their .PK domains from one service provider to another service provider due to high renewal price of PK Domains or unsatisfied services. PK-Domain also allow to transfer your domain name from our panel to other or transfer your domain in our panel from others. PK-Domain is one of top reseller of PKNIC that's why the terms and conditions to transfer .PK domain in our panel or from our panel to others are same as like PKNIC term and conditions.

.PK Domain transfer process is different from all other type commonly used domain names. To transfer a .PK domain name from one domain provider to another domain provider's panel you have to write an Authorization letter to PKNIC on your company letter head in which you have to mention your full name, your designation, your address, your company name and your domain name. In additional you have to mentioned your CNIC number in letter and also the signature and stump or official seal of Chief Executive officer of your company.

Download Attached Authorization Letter

Where to send these letters to start
Transfer Process

You can post Authorization letter or Affidavit letter to directly to PKNIC on given address below or you can send your Authorization letter or Affidavit letter to us. PK-Domain have authority to handle your Authorization letter or Affidavit letter directly to PKNIC. Send your letter on given address below:

PKNIC Collection, 84 Tipu Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan

NOTE: PKNIC will send you an Email into your registered email address to verify or confirm your transfer process. In which clearly mentioned that are you agree to transfer domain name and other agent is agreed to accept your domain. In additional PK-Domain will also send you a verification email on your registered email address. PKNIC registry may call you for verification on the given phone number on the letterhead you send as hard copy for domain transfer / verification purpose, so keep your phone number updated on your letter head.

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