Cheap VPS Server Hosting in Pakistan

Pakistan VPS Hosting

Why you need a vps or virtual private server? It is most probably because you are looking for a dedicated hosting solution or your current hosting provider refuses to host your website in shared server environment due to huge CPU consumption or due to leakage of resources because your web or app is attaining a healthy number of visitors or it is an online store with large number of images and heavy loaded pages. In some cases, you may need a VPN or remote desktop to browse things remotely. Whatever you purpose or current concerns are, you can tackle them through our introduced cheapest VPS Server hosting in Pakistan. Most of web masters and officials are unaware about virtual machines in Pakistan so get assistance and maximum information from us before placing your first order. On the other hand, we guarantee you that you will get all the server resources you will buy upon provisioning for utilizing them efficiently. With us you will get Germany or USA based Pure SSD virtual machines which will be virtualized with perfect virtualization KVM technique to ensure the stability of your online work.

1. KVM Virtualization

2. Root Access in Linux

3. Two Locations

4. Instant Setup

5. Administrator Access in Windows

6. SSD Boosted or Pure SSD

Low Priced Packages

PK-domain has one biggest distinction than all other domain hosting companies in Pakistan. What is that? Our lowest prices with best quality of services and more resources. Like cheap domain names, now you can amuse yourself with our least rates for dedicated virtual servers whether you will buy as Linux or Windows VPS. There is no comparison of default allocated resources in each below plan with any third party provider locally. So no need to waste any more time in finding cost price services with best amount of functions and assets.

Core(s) Space RAM Bandwidth ISP Port Price/Mo
02 300 GB SSD-boosted 4GB Unlimited 100 Mbit/s USD 19.95 ORDER
04 700 GB SSD-boosted 10GB Unlimited 100 Mbit/s USD 29.95 ORDER
06 1400 GB SSD-boosted 20GB Unlimited 1000 Mbit/s USD 29.95 ORDER
04 200 GB 100% SSD 8GB Unlimited 200 Mbit/s USD 29.95 ORDER
06 400 GB 100% SSD 16GB Unlimited 400 Mbit/s USD 29.95 ORDER
08 800 GB 100% SSD 30GB Unlimited 600 Mbit/s USD 29.95 ORDER
10 1600 GB 100% SSD 60GB Unlimited 1000 Mbit/s USD 29.95 ORDER

Please note that all servers are hosted in Germany and USA based Data centers, Click on the link if you need to Buy Pakistan based VPS

    How i can order and pay?
  • You need to compare above given plans, even consult with us about what suiting you most, click on order to proceed, select required elements like control panel etc and then pay us using Bank account, Paypal or mobile money.

  • Are your offered VPS Secure?
  • yes, as far as security of instance is concerned, all precautionary measure are physically in existence which are commonly relevant to networking side but this is just the half job done, rest about software, operating system and interface relevant security setup must be done by yourself.
    After order when i will get credentials?
  • We try our best to provisioning your services as quickly as we can, though this setup is instant but it may take maximum 24 hours to send you server credentials with welcome message.

  • Do you provide cPanel VPS?
  • Any of the above plan can be used as cPanel server by buying, installing and activating cPanel/WHM. when you will order a vps along with cPanel, you will get it ready with control panel.

Popular Operating Systems

Virtual Private Server Pakistan

You need a windows based vps or Linux based virtual private server in Pakistan, no worries, we have both with various version of Windows Server License and Multiple versions of different Linux based operating systems. What you need is to do the home work or discuss with us for a better solution, order, pay and let us prepare your dedicated virtual hosting platform.

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What is Extra Ordinary in Our VPS Hosting?

Being a local hosting provider for last 13 years, have great expertise in this field. People trust us and forward others as referrals. As a result, our moral has gone high and we are serving now even with more maturity and happily. Regarding some more prominent and core advantages of VPS hosting with us are available below.

Two DCs to Select

Unlike others we are offering same specs from two origins, you may select one or buy servers from both.

SSD Storage

As ssd drives are currently of more costs but we are not charging you extra, you may enjoy SSD power for the price of HDD.

DDOS Protection

We have added an extra layer of security for your servers by interceptaing any Distributed Denial of Service attack.