Dedicated Server Hosting Pakistan

Dedicated Server Pakistan

Keeping in view the boosted demand for dedicated huge amount of resources, PK-Domain decided to sell of affordable yet reliable and secure dedicated server hosting in Pakistan. With a number of about 21 crore population, a major amount of foreign exchange is being reserved through IT industry which does mean that there is a great potential to have a serious online share from this market. Especially after covid-19, all kind of businesses are putting themselves online. No doubts, so far people of Pakistan republic are yet not much mature in handling and dealing in their hosting requirements, they always insert little money in it to grow their advanced projects. Infect, it is the time to re-assemble and re-structure their needs and one should consider jumping to a full fledge machine despite getting a low speed or not found website due to high traffic and heavy websites. We, prominently suggest to ecommerce portals to join our cheapest dedicated platform with which they cannot only grow their buyers but also can offer a top-notch user experience. As most of companies want to acquire reasonable position in SERPs, especially in google so as per advanced techniques, your web loading depends a lot on the resources you have utilizable. Fewer resources mean lesser chances of getting faster loading apps, which will directly matter to the search positions. So to avail the no shared hosting environment with the ability to install your desired operating system as well as control panel, buy a dedicated hosting server in Pakistan.

1. Low Cost Prices

2. Windows and Linux

3. Tier III+ DC

4. 6 Hours Setup

3. Managed / Un-Managed

4. cPanel / Plesk

5. 10Gbps DDOS Protection

6. Fully Secure

Plans with affordable Pricing

If you are currently striving through a virtual private server for managing your apps of websites and failing to do so or you want to upgrade it to non-virtualized, dedicated machine or even if your current provider is hammering huge costs then you step to reach us will ultimately help you select some package from below. If something for what you come, not found or you are looking for some customized solution, no worries, do ask us at contact us page or call us directly for discussing all hardware and networking relevant points. Here we want to assure you that specs with charges given on this page cannot be challenged as costly when you will compare us witl other local providers. Rest about support and availability for tackling your issues; we are live 24/7.

40Gbit/s DDoS Protection & 100Mbps port is included as default with each order.

CPU Storage RAM Cores / Thread Bandwidth Price/Mo
Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 3.30Ghz 1TB HDD SATA III 7200rpm 8GB ECC DDR3 4 cores, 8 threads 50TB PKR.11900 / USD.73 ORDER
Intel Xeon E3-1246v3 3.50Ghz 1TB HDD SATA III 7200rpm 8GB ECC DDR3 4 cores, 8 threads 50TB PKR.14500 / USD.89 ORDER
Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 3.50Ghz 1TB HDD SATA III 7200rpm 8GB ECC DDR4 4 cores, 8 threads 50TB PKR.15999 / USD.99 ORDER
Intel Xeon E-2236 3.40Ghz 1TB HDD SATA III 7200rpm 8GB ECC DDR4 6 cores, 12 threads 50TB PKR.21500 / USD.133 ORDER

NOTE: All above offered plans will be provisioned from Netherlands based Data Center with Tier III facilities, most probably within 30 hours after confirmation of order and payment. If your required specifications are not available, you may contact us as we can even provide you Dual Processor servers with customized RAM, SSD, HDDs, Bandwidth and much more.

Our optimized Dedicated Server Plans are usually in reach of all businesses but if you still have lesser budget and need dedicated usage without any intervene of 3rd party then you can browse our super-fast virtual servers.

    Where servers are located?
  • You will experience a most mature and robust dedicated hosting solutions from our Netherlands based data center which ensure all world-class facility to sustain and maintain the goal for what you are buying a machine.

  • What sort of hardware you will deploy?
  • We choose all branded hardware, usually machines belong to DELL, FUJITSU and rest switches, cabling and other equipment is also of great quality to lower down our own hardware breakout problems.

  • Is it managed or Un-Managed?
  • By default all packages will be un-managed in which server re-installation, free reboots and basic internal firewall security will be allowed whereas all other operations will be on customer's part. We also offer paid management so in case if you do not have any system administrator or manager to patch and secure your infrastructure, you can hire us to do this job for you.
    Can i get cPanel based Dedicated Server?
  • Actually hosting comes with root for Linux based operating systems and with remote desktop for Windows OS. If you need a machine ready with cPanel or Plesk Obsidian then first you will select a specific operating system and later you will add the license of specific control panel. Usually, it is CentOS which is the only OS compatible with WHM/cPanel installation.

  • What is server delivery time?
  • In case if you have simple Linux OS installation in your order then provisioning time will be around 6 hours after order and payment. If you want to get windows based server then it could take 9-12 hours whereas with a special control panel, time could be from 12-24 hours.

  • Can you migrate my current server?
  • If you currently own a dedicated or virtual server or even a shared hosting plan and want us to migrate your whole data, in some cases it will be cost free whereas where there will be a need to move heavy databases or huge amount of data, we may charge you.

Operating Systems

Cheap Dedicated Hosting with best performance

In today’s life, especially for Pakistani people, it has become very hard to make costs in line to their budget because of inflamated USD to PKR conversion rates from past 2 years due to its un expected increase. Fees are being out of control every month on recurring payment. Therefore, in such circumstances how to manage these aspects is a big question mark. Keeping in view this fact, we have fixed our prices to avoid extra headaches on renewals, simply pay every time what you did pay first. We sell in bulk that is why we can keep the quality and security on upper level though the charges are even the half in respect to our competitors. Moreover, we never compromise on quality and always value the trust of our valued clients. As we know that every one in Pakistan, preffered cheapest products and services even more of the time cheape things purchased without considering the guarantee, efficiancy and quality but with us you will acquire dedicated hosting within your budget but as per internatioanl standards.

Dedicated Server in Pakistan

For the time being, deploying a local server in Pakistan is costly enough due to the infrastructure, internet and power incremental prices and less knowledge of managing a data center. When we checked through Alexa ranking, we found many companies with a high amount of traffic and a versatile ranking. Whatever, we are introducing a chance to go live with dedicated resourced machine in the fee of virtualization so one should take benefit of it and step forward to enhance their business internationally. With an experience of about 12 years, we clinch that we are more feasible than any other supplier is. You can avail maximum means to secure your slot with personalized solutions, ease of choosing and getting installed numerous operating systems, control interfaces and addons like extra space, bandwidth and ram. We are great in your special hour of need when you think you are looking for a companion to sort your basic operations and to guide you what is best for you in critical scenarios.

What make a difference?

We are not of the view to offer only hosting services but the quality, security, affordability and in time support is our main goal packed with each service we sale. With top brand customizable servers connected through 10 Tbit/s global backbone and 40 Gbit/s Anti-DDoS as default and multi-path high bandwidth network redundancy, we are proud that we have sorted most common problems in the very beginning without any additional costs. If you have been over charged by your past or current company or they hold insane restrictions then with us, you will enjoy the software-defined networking in your reach.

Windows or Linux

No worries, whether you are to run a windows or Linux based server, we have numerous flavors and versions for bith distros.

SSD and HDD Storage

To acquire the advanced boost by deploying SSD instead of HDD, you can order SSD though HDD is also available for higher storage demands.

Network & DDOS Protection

there is no data center in the world who is presenting 10 Tbit/s global network with only 44% utilization and DDOS protection up to 100 Gbit/s.