PK Domain and Hosting Privacy

PK-Domain is providing the secured Web Hosting service and also Secured Data services in Pakistan for all its clients. We guaranteed to keep your personal information and personal data secure and private. No one can access your Personal date from outer world, because we keep it in full security and as our own data. PK-Domain name have its own unique Policy and Privacy which should be different from any other Web Hosting or Domain registration Company in Pakistan or Worldwide. PK-Domain have all rights reserved to change its Privacy and Policy at anytime without informing their clients, So must read our policy and privacy at least one time at end of month. To get knowledge about our terms & Conditions, Privacy you have to read our full Privacy and Policy at least one time.

Secure Personal Data and Information:

To get Web Hosting and Domain name from any web Hosting company, especially to register any Educational and Government PK Domain you have provide your personal information like (CNIC Card Copy, Address, Contact Number, Company Registration Number, Company Letter head Stamp, Signatures, Email Address, Postal Code, Debit/Credit Card information etc.). PK-Domain name provide 100% Guarantee to keep private and in secure your personal information. We will never provide your Personal information to any third person, even a third person can not Get WhoIS information of your PK Domain name from us. In additional We also secure your Account data which you provide us during Sign Up Process.

Cookie facilities:

We are using the Cookies on our PK-Domain website. As we know that cookies help you to save your Hardware information including Internet Protocol (IP). So whenever your will visit on our website you not need to provide your additional information again, which you provide before, because these cookies will automatically complete that querries for your and you can change them at anytime and we also guaranteed that it just contact with your hardware so it will never save your personal information like Contact Number, Email adress or something else.

Change in Privacy & Policy:

We are introducing our own Privacies and Policies like all other web Hosting companies in Pakistan and our of Pakistan to provide some information regarding PK-Domain. PK-Domain have all right reserved to change its Privacy and Policy at anytime without informing their clients. We are not provide a specific time to change our Privacy & Policy because we can change it anytime. So that's why we suggest all our dearest clients to review PK-Domain privacy and Policy at least one time in a month, So you can Save your time from extra queries regarding our privacy.

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