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We deal in all type of Generic Top Level domain (gTLD) or Commonly used domain names in Pakistan. You can get any of your desired domain name from us in reasonable prices.



For International worldwide located Companies & commercial websites.



Internationally used mostly by Internet Services Provider Companies.



Most of the non-profit organization in the world select this Tld for their websites.



To show off or express as business entity, corporate companies grab this suffix.



For any kind of information related websites are created using this domain extension.



Basically it is a Colombian extension but usually used as replacement of .com



A top-level domain for Tuvalu but commonly used by television channels and TV relevant Websites.



A country Montenegro based extension but used for middle east & personal purposes.



This suffix is used for European Union or any country comes in the circle of europe as a whole.

Requirements for gTLDs Registration

All generic Domain names are come with NOC (No Objection Certificates) and with no restrictions on it, any one can register these domains for any purpose, So the requirements for all Generic Top Level domains are common and simple, we mentioned some basic requirements for all gTLDs registration below:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Email Aaddress
  1. Office Address
  2. Postal Address
  1. Contact Number
  2. Company Name

Domain Registration Pakistan

Pk-domain name is providing the cheapest domain registration in Pakistan. like all pk domain names we are now providing all type of Generic top level domain names in all cities of Pakistan. You can get .com, .biz, .info, .org ,tv or any your desired common domain name from us. We are providing domain registration services on First Come First Server basis, So if two request come to us with same domain registration then according to our policy we will provide this domain name to First requested person. Our Payment methods are very simple and easily accessible for any Pakistani, so you can send us your payments via bank transfer and by easypaisa. So if are confused and have any question in your mind regarding choice of a best domain name for your website or sending payments to us then feel free to contact us vial email at

What is a Domain name?

Mostly people get confused between the word of URL and Domain Name and they find the best difference for this question, so we are providing you the answer for this question by differentiate between a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and Domain name. A domain name is use to represent or to located a website over internet whereas a URL is used to locate a file location into a domain name. So its more preferable to get a proper and suitable domain name for website. A domain name consist on three main parts like www.yourdomain.extension, where WWW represent the Open Source URL identifier for a specific domain name, yourdomain represent your chosen domain name for your website and extension represent the exact register of domain you attached with your domain name like .com, .biz, .info, .eu etc. Everyone can access your website by entering your domain name on his/her computer browser. So we can also say that a domain name represent the home address of a website.

  1. A domain name is always remain unique, Now one can get your domain name unless you leave it yourself and it appears as available again for registration.
  2. There is not any type of restrictions on Generic Top Level Domain names, Anyone can easily register it for his/her website from anywhere.
  3. As we mentioned that there is no any type of restrictions on gTLDs so it comes with no terms and conditions.
  4. All Generic domains can be user for Educational, Informative, Business, Company, Pornography, Agency, E-Commerce, Auctions, Ticketing or for any type of websites.
  5. There are some country code domains with generically used as common domains like .us,, .me, .tv, .ac etc. These Generic domains have some restricts and there own privacy according to their country registrar rules.

How to Check Domain availability?

Its easy to check your desired domain name with suitable extensions from a specific directory bus you not need to worry because we are providing our own easy domain search tool for all domain names, You just need to visit our domain registration page. If your found your search domain name is available then you can easily register it for your website else you need to fetch any other domain name for your website with different combination.
For Example: If you want to search a domain name like, and you found that it is not available then you can search the combination with hyphens (-) like etc.

How to Transfer a gTLD?

You need to get your domain password (domain panel) from your current registrar, Then after getting password or accessing to your domain panel you can easily transfer your domain name to any other registrant easily by pushing your domain name from current registrar domain panel to new domain registrar panel. You have to clear your all payments to your current registrar otherwise he/she will not transfer your domain name to other. If we are your current registrar and you want to transfer your domain name from us to any other domain registrar then, you can contact us at any time and after clearing your outstanding payments will push your website to your new registrar without dragging you in any trouble

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Our Domain registration Features

Instant Activation

We are offering instant domain activation or domain registration guarantee, You can get your domain name within 15 minutes after confirmation of your payments, You just need to check the availability of your domain name from above and submitted your payment to us.

Domain Forwarding

If you are not satisfied with us and want to transfer your domain name to any other domain registrar then we never disturb our clients, provide them quick response of their all transfer queries till transfer process completion. But we never face such situation before due to our same rates.

Easy DNS Services

We are providing easy Domain Name Server's updation with all Generic Domain Registration services, You can contact us any time to change or to update new DNS with your current domain name. We also make easy to point your domain name with your server you just need to provide exact IP of your server or VPS.