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domain registration pakistan

We are specialized for issuing domains in Pakistan and only emphasizing on unit of domain market so we have the ability to resell or register domain name in cost price. That is why quite on and off we put many extensions on promotions. Always keep in touch to grab even in the least amount of price most of tlds are being offered. Who usually buy these generic web names from us? Those who need premium web hosting in Pakistan with a unique domain for their business or blog. There, also a big amount of such customers who bought only the name to get it attached with their already running website on blogger or other platforms like this.

We are good in both situations because we can provide top class web hosting with complete basic management as well as can perform attachment with blogger without any hassle and additional charges. So, why one should get it from us? Because we are cheap, available locally, can handle all of your queries without any delay, offer in Pakistani Rupee, perform quick executions on demand and ahead of all you know us very well.

There is a variety of extensions available for sale and about all common, cctlds and worldly suffix offered under one portal. Which will always allow you to merge your all web needs under a single provider despite managing it through different control panel. Now, why you will keep all kind of your domain extensions with us because you will find us cheapest. We keep on updating rates on daily basis and present multiple web space on offers so keep in touch.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org

Cheap .COM Domain in Pakistan

We deal in all type of Generic Top Level domains (gTLD) or Commonly used names in Pakistan. You can get any of your desired online name from us in reasonable price for selling your products to your customers via online web shops or for giving the most necessary information and news through a wordpress website or great forum. We are always here for you to provide classic support keeping our prices cheap ever.

Extension Buy Price Usage
.COM Rs.2849/1Year To show off or express as business entity, corporate companies grab this suffix.
.NET Rs.3699/1Year Internationally used mostly by Internet Services Provider Companies.
.ORG Rs.3699/1Year Most of the non-profit organization in the world select this Tld for their websites.
.BIZ Rs.2999/1Year A pure business based tld, usually registered upon non-availability in .com ext.
.INFO Rs.2999/1Year For any kind of information related websites are created using this domain extension.
.CO Rs.2999/1Year Basically it is a Colombian extension but usually used as replacement of .com
.TV Rs.8499/1Year A top-level domain for Tuvalu but commonly used by television channels and TV relevant Websites.
.ME Rs.1799/1Year A country Montenegro based extension but used for middle east & personal purposes.
.AE Rs.12499/1Year UAE based domain name, have great potential for foreigners who want to do remote business.
.CO.UK Rs.2799/1Year Popular United Kingdom's extension, best for Pakistanis to work in UK, while sitting in PK.
.EU Rs.1799/1Year This suffix is used for European Union or any country comes in the circle of europe as a whole.

Requirements for gTLDs Registration

All generic names come with NOC (No Objection Certificates) and with no restrictions on them, any one can register these domains for any purpose, So the requirements for all Generic Top Level extensions is common and simple, we mentioned some basic requirements for all gTLDs registration below:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Email Aaddress
  1. Office Address
  2. Postal Address
  1. Contact Number
  2. Company Name

Generic Domain Queries

However, we have cleared all the steps and furnish the necessary information required to deal with all common or top-level domains to understand their usability. In addition, how to register and process your order but for the sake of those who are new, find below basis guide which will make sure the steps by step process and info for registering your .com domain in Pakistan.

    Who is best domain registration company in Pakistan?
  • There are many companies in action since 2-3 decades who offer domain name registration in Pakistan but most of them over charge clients and do not provide maximum features. Whereas PK-Domain is an old domain registrar, have well reputation in the market with 1000s of currently booked website names.

  • Who offer cheap .com Price?
  • When you will search about the lowest priced domain registrar in Pakistan, you will come to know that we stood on the top. Why we are cheap because we are high level reseller, got maximum discount and continue this flow for our end users.
    How to Buy a domain in Pakistan?
  • Human beings on this earth have the authority to purchase a name space for self or for their organization/company. You need to search as per your desired keywords and extension, upon availability, order it. Our to the point system will guide your through. Select your convenient way of payment and pay. We will then register it for you under your client area with us.

  • Should i Purchase Hosting with Domain?
  • If you don’t have web hosting already or you cannot add your domain in current hosting plan as addon domain then you must have to purchase a hosting plan too to make your website up. The only way to get your website online, to create your email addresses, it is necessary to buy at least a shared host plan.

Register Domain Name in Pakistan

We are providing the cheapest domain registration in Pakistan. Though we are the main seller of PK-Domains but now we are registering all type of Generic top level names in Pakistan too. You can get .com, .biz, .info, .org ,tv or any of your desired common name from us. We are providing domain registration services on First Come First Serve basis, So if two request will come to us with same domain name registration then according to our policy we will reserve for First one requested. Being organised and reliable registrar, most of our reseller order Bulk PKNIC Prepaid Cards for reserving their any PKNIC based web name. Our Payment methods are very simple and easily accessible for any Pakistani, so you can send us your payments via bank transfer and by easypaisa and for foreigners, PayPal is acceptable and available at checkout. If you are still confused and have any question in your mind regarding choice of a best domain name for your website, how to order online or sending payments to us then feel free to contact us. For beginners we are explaining below the convenient information which will help them to know exactly what is a domain name, how to check availability and the process of name transferring.

What is a Domain name?

Mostly people get confused between the word of URL and Domain Name so we are here to answer the best, we are providing you the answer for this question by differentiating between a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and Web name. A domain name is used to represent or to locate a website over internet whereas a URL is used to locate a file location into a website path. So its more preferable to get a proper and suitable Online name ID for website. A domain name consists of three main parts like www.yourweb.extension, where WWW represent the Open Source URL identifier for a specific website name, yourweb represent your chosen domain name for your website and extension represents the registry and purpose of your web name space. There are more than 1000s extensions are available in online markete Some of them are generaic and top on all like .com, .biz, .info, .net and .org. There are more like ccTlds and New branded extensions. Everyone can access your website by entering your website name on their computer browser. as a conclusion we can say that a web name is the strong source of your internet visibility for general public to know you and for what you are there.

  1. Domains are always unique either by extnsion or its name part, there could be only one owner for any of them, No one can get your online name unless you leave it yourself and it appears as available again for registration.
  2. There is not any type of restrictions on Generic Top Level names, Anyone can easily register them for their website from anywhere.
  3. As we mentioned that there is no any type of restrictions on gTLDs but yet ICANN terms and conditions are applicable.
  4. All Generic Tlds can be user for Educational, Informative, Business, Company, Pornography, Agency, E-Commerce, Auctions, Ticketing or for any type of websites.
  5. There are some country code domains with generically and commonly used like .us,, .me, .tv, .ac etc. These Generic extensions have some restrictions and there own privacy according to their country registry and registrar rules.

How to Check Domain availability?

Its easy to check your desired website name with suitable extensions from a specific directory but you need not to be worry because we are providing our own easy domain search tool for all host names, You just need to visit our Web name registration page. If your found your searched domain name is available then you can easily register it for your website else you need to fetch any other cheapnames for your website with different combination.
For Example: If you want to search a domain name like, and you found that it is not available then you can search the combination with hyphens (-) like etc.

How to Transfer a Generaic Domain?

There are commonly two to three different ways, executing them you can transfer your most of the domains

Pushing Domains

If you have a domain registered with a particular provider and want to move your domain to others domain panel or need to change the ownership of domain with same registrar, you may simply login to your and perform a domain push and later accepting client will accept that domain in its panel and can manage it, usually this process is called account changes.

Auto Domain Transfer

If you have complete access to your domain panel and want to change the registrar or your current registrar is charging you more or whatever the reasons, you first find with which new registrar you want your domain to be renewed, like you may select us, then you will create an account on new registrar's website then initiate web transfer after acquiring epp code from old registrar, before that your domain must be unlocked and privacy protection must be disabled (you may do say through your old registrar's control panel)and there should be atleast 60 days passed since its registration.

Manual Domain Name Transferring

If you want not to indulge yourself technically in this process then ask your new registrar to perform things for you, simply provide them your current domain control panel or if your current provider is not giving you that then you may ask them to provide you Authorization Code,Unlock Your Domain and Disable Whois Privacy Protection.

How to Renew a Domain Name with us?

We usually send an expiry alert via email or sometimes even call on given mobile or landline numbers at the time of registration for domain expiry, so it is better to pay its renewal charges without much delay to avoid service interruption because it effects very bad on your users to find your website down due to expiration of its validity. Moreover once a domain get expired, though you will pay then, it could take 24-72 hours for propagation and to be live again, means you may have to face along to get your website back for your audience. You may pay us via PAYPAL, Cash or may deposited to our Bank accounts and once after paying, alert us by call or email us with your payment details, mode of payment you did use and don’t forget to mention your web name against which you did pay.

How to buy worthy premium web name?

Usually, if you are a layman or starter, when you come to know that you should have a website for representing yourself, your company or brand to the world, you always consider finding that in .com or .pk but unfortunately, everywhere seems unavailability. Nothing to worry, you can seek other options by putting hyphen, other relevant keywords but if you are still struggling in viewing a to the point or senseful tld or cctld, you can contact us and ask for your requirements. Normally, studies show that an individual or small business finally rely on a relevant one but corporate companies remains in demand to what they are anxious for. Whoever you are, a local guy, company or Governmental institution or even an international brand, if you are in search of an already bought website suffix, ping us with your demands, we will try to present you with least possible rates with a guarantee of hassle-free transfer through escrow service.

Shared Hosting with SSL Certificate.

World class shared web hosting packages with SSL certificate enabled as default for the first time in Pakistan under very low budget but guranteed powerful performance.

Our Domain registration Features

Instant Activation

We are offering instant domain name activation or registration guarantee, You can get your web name registered within 15 minutes after confirmation of your payments, You just need to check the availability from above search bar and submit your payment to us using any of the available ways.

Domain Forwarding

If you will find yourself not satisfied with us and will consider transferring your domain name to any other registrar then we never disturb our clients, provide them quick response of their all transfer queries till transfer process completion. But we never face such situation before due to our best rates and top quality of support.

Easy DNS Services

We are providing easy Name Server's updation with all Generic Domain Registration services, You can contact us any time to change or to update new DNS against your current domainname. We can also create your custom name servers upon your special request which can be utilizaed as name servers for all the accounts hosted on your server or Hosting.

Privacy Protection | ID Shield

If you need, your whois private or no one can see the ownership of your newly purchased domainname then you may ask us to hide your contact info from being public, there are very minimal charges for ID shild protecion service but keep in mind there are few extensions belong to specific registries which do not allow to make contact information hidden.

Zones and Records

Some clients bought only web names but not the web hosting with that because they want to use their old hosting or they have blogger setup somewhere else and want to move with their custom host name. in such scenarios one may ask for specific cname or A records entries and sometimes required to update MX entries for emails.


In case if you dont want to host your domain yet and want to redirect it on some other url, means once you will open your website with this new name, it must automatically move to some other url then you may ask us for such redirection, this features is also free of cost and much usefull in many conditions.

Pakistan Domain Registration

like other International countries, Pakistan has its own online live first level web extension .PK which was ditrubuted into different 2nd level extensions like,, etc. It was named as PKNIC which was owned by a Pakistani and it is in action since 1992. PKNIC was not so operational in the beginning but since last, few years as per google policy changes and demand of country based web names PKNIC Domains are widely being selected by people of Pakistan specially and many international citizens too who are doing their business in Pakistan and want to promote their brand. Even google has secured main suffix belongs to its name and respectively IBM, Dell, OLX and about all known brands so keeping all these facts in mind this is the time for country level domain extensions. Here we welcome you to contact us any time for a better consultation regarding any query you have for PKNIC web space.