Expired .PK Domain Auction

As all know with the passage of time Pakistan based registry proved itself worthy, not because of their technical and customer relevant efficiency but the demand for this country suffix. In the beginning and even just few years back about 70% premium PKNIC domains were available for registration but in last 6-8 years, considering the value of it, most of international and national client prefer to buy them. Some of them registered for their businesses and other just hold them to sell out in high prices. Therefore, PKNIC from last few years have started offering about 90% of those domains, which has good potentials through bidding after the completion of renewal period for each list cctld. These auctions are not pre-schedule but are being promoted via emails by registry whenever they find it fit for them so keep in touch with us if you have any interest to acquire expired pk domains in auction.

Expired PK Domains

12th Batch available for Auction

The auction process for bidding will begin at 12pm noon Aug 7, 2020 (PST) and will be ended at Aug 14 2020 11:59:59 AM (PST). Find below all pk web names you can bid for this particular Batch only.

adil.pk arfeen.pk arrivals.pk artshop.pk
asad.com.pk atiya.pk australia.com.pk azadi.pk
basti.pk bestdoctor.pk bhao.pk blockbusters.pk
brand4less.pk burgeronline.pk burj.com.pk buyanycar.pk
buydomains.com.pk buyinghouse.pk buylaptop.com.pk canadian.pk
cars4you.pk celebrate.pk cert.org.pk chocolateshop.pk
citypages.pk collectibles.com.pk conference.pk consumers.pk
cookshop.pk cricketstore.com.pk dailytips.pk dailytv.pk
dailyurdu.pk dashboard.com.pk dealmart.pk dhannak.pk
digitalcards.pk dramaz.pk drsultan.pk educational.pk
educationtv.pk eload.pk etender.pk explorer.pk
face2face.pk farah.pk filmdekho.pk findacar.pk
freegifts.pk funnyzone.pk furnish.pk gamesonline.pk
gamesplay.pk goodguide.pk gujrati.pk hajjshop.pk
homedeliver.pk homestyle.pk horoscope.com.pk imobile.com.pk
innovations.pk iprint.com.pk itmasters.pk iwish.pk
jackpot.pk jewelrystores.pk jobspk.pk kamran.com.pk
karachiproperty.pk khurram.pk khyberpakhtunkhwa.pk lahorefashion.pk
lahories.pk laptopmarket.pk learnquranonline.pk lectures.pk
linuxexpert.com.pk listings.com.pk locals.pk magnets.pk
malakand.pk malhaar.pk marwat.com.pk medicaleducation.pk
meraschool.pk mobileforsale.com.pk mobilesales.pk mobilez.pk
mukalma.pk musicfree.pk musicmasti.pk myclinic.pk
mylife.pk mypakistan.pk neelam.com.pk neelam.pk
netcafe.pk newsmedia.pk nextdoor.pk ngos.com.pk
onlinedrama.pk onlinedramas.com.pk onlineexperts.pk onlinepakistan.pk
onlinetution.com.pk onyx.com.pk orderfood.pk organizers.pk
pakistancinema.pk pakistancricket.pk pakistanidrama.pk pakistantv.pk
papernews.pk partydress.pk parvaaz.pk photos.com.pk
pickndrop.com.pk printshop.pk purehoney.pk qawwal.pk
ricksha.pk riksha.pk sarwar.com.pk searchsongs.pk
shahalami.pk shape.pk sheikhs.pk shopping4u.pk
smartmedia.pk sourcing.pk sportsonline.pk studentsblog.pk
studytips.pk studyworld.pk success.com.pk telecom.net.pk
thecollection.pk thedoctors.com.pk thejobcentre.pk tutorlinks.com.pk
tvdramaonline.pk tvnews.com.pk usedserver.com.pk webmarket.pk
webproxy.pk wedeliver.pk zeenat.com.pk
    Who is auction authority?
  • It is PKNIC registry solely have such authorization in favor to public, It is also an entity who manage all .pk based extensions.

  • In how much time i can claim after bidding end?
  • First, you must have a PKNIC account to prepare yourself bidding online, if you will a domain in auction, it will be available in your account.

  • How to get my domains activated?
  • After verification of payment PKNIC will move your domain into your account. It may take some time due to internal process so no need to be worry, in case of any issues, you may contact registry directly via phone or email.
    How to Pay?
  • After winning a name, PK Registry will create an invoice for that as per the amount your bid, you will be able to pay that amount through credit card and via Bank Transfer.

  • How many times i can bid for a single domain in auction?
  • It is unlimited, before the end time, if you though that someone has taken over your bid, you may increase it to keep the domain but you must keep this fact in mind that people are very keen in last minutes so there are chances that someone will raise the price than yours in last moments.

  • How i can take part in bidding?
  • Page link is absolutely provided by registry through which you can start your bidding at the time when it will arrive, Here is the Link, where you will see live bids, number of bidders and end time.

Buy Expired / Available PK Domains

Whenever a PK domain is expired, it goes on redemption period after completion of grace period for renewal, it’s not possible to register that domain again as soon as it's complete its redemption period. Mostly the PK Domain redemption period is consist of Minimum of 02 months and for maximum 03 months. It is same for all types of PK domains like.Com. PK domain, .Gov. pk domain and others, no matter who is your registrant or you get your domain name directly from PKNIC, redemption period after expiry of a PK Domain remain same. It is too expensive to renew a.PK domain when it goes in redemption period because you have to pay double or triple fee for a domain to renew during its redemption period or you can wait for completion of redemption period if you cannot afford such fee. After Completion of redemption period a PK domain name is available to register and anyone can register that domain for his/her website in Pakistan.

Recently PKNIC have released many PK domains, which was in redemption period after expiry. Now you can register any of these domain name for your website appearance in Pakistan which PK extension. PK-Domain mentioned all domain names below you could choose your desired domain name from the list below and register that domain name from us in very low and cheap rates. All type of PK domains like .pk, .com.pk, .net.pk, .biz.pk, .info.pk, .fam.pk, .gov.pk, .edu.pk, .org.pk, .web.pk and all other PK extensions are available for registration after completion of its redemption periods.